Questions & Answers

Do you follow Country Club dress codes?


What is the Length of your bottoms?
Skorts are 19” and Shorts are 21” (Country Club Lengths)

Where is the rise of the bottoms?
Our rise is slightly below the belly button – not too high and not too low. The rise for golf pants tend to be too high and unflattering so other companies try to be trendy and made low rise golf pants much like street wear and that doesn’t go over too well because golfers do a lot of bending.

Do you have tech wear?
We have two different kinds of Tech Wear.
1. UV sun protection, moisture wicking, antibacterial
2. No UV, just moisture wicking and antibacterial

Do you carry items in stock?
Yes; however, our current collections (Cabo Wear, Malibu Wear, Bling Wear and Cougar Wear) are seasonal items. We are a made to order clothing company. See Best of Jun Quick Ship program description below.

What is your Best of Jun Quick Ship program?
Best of Jun Quick Ship includes Golf Wear, Every Wear and Team Wear. The Quick Ship program features the “Best of Jun”. These are our best selling items that are stocked and ready to ship within 2-3 weeks of receipt of the order. Quick Ship items come in a variety of colors and styles making them a perfect option for teammates to look uniform while still having their unique style.

What is the difference between Golf Wear, Every Wear and Team Wear?
Golf Wear: Items that are designed to be functional and dress code appropriate for the game of golf.

Every Wear: Most can be worn on the golf course; however, these items have the flexibility to be worn to the office, lunch, shopping or any everyday activity.

Team Wear: Most clubs have team events where women want to dress alike. Most times women have to order team outfits 6 months in advance (and we can still encourage them to order from our collections), but with our Quick Ship program they can order and receive items within 3 weeks.

Why did Jun start designing a line of golf clothes?
Jun has been a golfer most of her life and has grown to intimately know the game of golf. Her passion for the game and fashion inspires her to design stylish outfits with the golf swing in mind.

How would you describe the fit of “Designs By Jun” apparel?
Our line is a feminine fit (not boxy) and comfortably drapes the body. It’s not tight and clingy, nor do our garments hang like a sweatshirt.

Why are the clothes functional?
• Length of shirts are long enough for golf swings and do not rise up too high during a swing.
• Bottom lengths are great for country club dress codes and restrictions.
• All bottoms have pockets in the front and most have a back pocket as well and they are deep enough to hold tees, scorecards, gloves etc.
• All of our skorts have stretchy comfortable built in shorts.
• Most of our short sleeve lengths are slightly longer than the average polo shirt and buyers and customers love that feature. Both flattering and covers flaws.

Where are the garments made?
Made in USA / Dallas, TX